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LLM Finetuning Frameworks: A Review

March 28, 2024: When it comes to finetuning LLMs, a variety of frameworks exist to easily manage training. I tried out the most popular tools, and here are my takeaways.

Run MergeKit on a Free Colab

December 3, 2023: If you're into merging LLMs, you've probably come across MergeKit. MergeKit is an open sourced platform that allows you to easily merge models from a YAML configuration file without writing a single line of code.

CodeFusion Paper Removed After Leaking ChatGPT Parameters

November 1, 2023: Update: The authors added a withdrawal comment, citing a Forbes article that mentioned 20B parameters.

Llama 2: ChatGPT Rival Free for Commercial Use, With a Catch

July 18, 2023: Several hours ago, Meta AI released Llama 2. Trained on 40% more data and with twice the context size, Llama 2 seems like the most promising open-sourced model available. In fact, it can even be used commercially, but with a catch.

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